Bruce and Jamie Watson are proud to announce a new project with their good friend Tom Kercheval. Details about new music from WKW including the CD “Men of Steel” can be seen in the post below and at
WKW – Bruce Watson, Jamie Watson and Thomas Kercheval – are proud to announce the crowdfunding campaign for our forthcoming album, “Men of Steel”. The album has been fully recorded and mixed, and the mastering is just about finished. A digital release is definite, but we’re hoping to also release the album in CD form, and that’s where the crowdfunding campaign comes in.
This short video offers a brief glimpse of the album: a collection of fiery, anthemic songs with mounds of huge guitars and special guests Colin Berwick and Bill Simpson. For a much longer look and a lot more info, visit our crowdfunding site at:
There you’ll find a great assortment of perks to choose from, everything from the CD itself to collections of demos, full-length albums from Bruce and Jamie and Tom, Meet and Greets and soundcheck access at BC shows, appearances on The Great Divide podcast, personalized recordings, signed photos and more.
In fact, for the first week of the campaign, all pledgers will receive a FREE download of our take on the classic “Killiecrankie” from the “Men of Steel” album!
We’re incredibly proud of this album, and we’ve worked incredibly hard on it over the last year. We can’t wait to share it with you. Thanks for your support!


24 September 2019

Great start to the tour, real party atmosphere, was shocked to see the ‘Beware, Michael Jackson crossing’ signs out side venue though.
That is all.


Germany & Holland 2019

Let me introduce you to the supporting artistes, Blackbird and Crow whose new album ‘Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam Talbot’ is on sale at the swag stand.

As you can see the record contains explicit swear words and on the reverse side there is a warning that says ‘May contain nuts’


You can keep your hat on
Baby it’s cold outside
Take it in your hand Mrs Murphy
Ring my bell
Shave me
Down under
Me and you and a dug named Fido
You shook me all night long

That is all.


22 Mar 19. Berlin

Freddy Mercury once said ‘Get on your bike and ride’ .

Well that’s exactly what I did this fine morning and now I feel EPIC.

Actually, I don’t, I need to lie down.

That is all.


19 Mar 19. Wurzburg – Fuel Stop

Tour bus was mobbed by a rabid fan looking for autograph and selfie. She was convinced Simon was Rod Stewart. The Faces in the back got ignored as usual.

That is all.