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WKW is proud to present our new song and video, “Spitfire.” Look for an audio release soon. Full-length album “Men of Steel” now available on CD and all digital outlets. Visit for more info.

(written by Bruce Watson, Jamie Watson and Thomas Kercheval)

Washed up on the shoreline
Burning in the sunshine
Left my pot of gold inside a sunken cartel
Crawling through the debris
Freedom isn’t ever free
Never gonna pay my way out of this hell

Shot down in a hail of gunfire
They swore we would never return
Like the ghost of a lonely Spitfire
We come back just to make the sky burn with life

Lift your eyes.

We’ll light the way
We’ll light the way
We’ll light the way or die

Stranded in a ravine
Shackled to a dead dream
As the fog is lifting on the glen of my soul
Blanket for a long night
Wake up to a fist fight
Time to smoke the hypocrites out of their holes

Set sail on the telegraph wire
Once feared is of no more concern
On the wings of a wounded Spitfire
We bring news that the tide has turned for love

Lift your eyes.

We’ll light the way
We’ll light the way
We’ll light the way or die.

Big Country’s first live album ‘Without The Aid Of A Safety Net’, is coming out 27th August on 180g triple vinyl. Recorded at The Barrowland Ballroom in Glasgow 1993, it features many of their classic tracks such as ‘Wonderland’, ‘Look Away’ and ‘Fields Of Fire’ with another 8 previously unreleased tracks.

Coming that same day, ‘The Buffalo Skinners’, Big Country’s sixth album is released on 180g double vinyl. It features reworkings of ‘Ships’ and ‘We’re Not In Kansas’. It also includes the demo of ‘Buffalo Skinners’, as well as the US mix of ‘The One I Love’. Pre-orders for both albums plus a bundle are live now:

The Buffalo Skinners pre-order link –
Without The Aid Of A Safety Net pre-order link –

With the Uk’s departure from European Union, (we anticipated something of this nature when the word Brexit was even mentioned), we are now experiencing problems regarding shipping/Vat/charges. It is with great regret that we have had to suspend selling online to Europe at this time. We sincerely hope this will be a temporary situation.
In effect, it appears the situation would have financial repercussions for our customers residing in Europe. We can’t seem to get a definitive answer to the costings, what these implications are and how they will impact on our valued customers. We are conversing with our accountants, other musicians, merchandisers and are hoping to find a cost effective solution for everyone.
We have looked at getting a third party seller in EU to sell for us (so far it hasn’t been finacially viable) MOSS system, IOSS system via third party, or sending goods with unpaid postage which would then incur higher charges to our Customers.
Sincere apologies to everyone this impacts upon. Its not a situation we are happy about as our European fan base have been very loyal. The last thing however we wish, is for VAT/EU import charges and worst of all handling fees, (which is what would happen if we continued to sell and did nothing) passed on to our loyal European customers . We are exploring Many avenues to resolve this awful situation as soon as possible. We understand peoples frustrations at this ridiculous situation, Its matched exactly with ours. We hope you understand and be rest assured we are trying so hard to resolve this.
Sandra Watson
For and On Behalf of Big Country

Kari connects Mark to his cat Misha, as Mark talks about how there were no bagpipes on their ’80s hit “In a Big Country,” visualizing his own reality and how he felt when his vision came true to play at the Hammersmith Odeon, a milestone along his life path, as well as his determination to be on “Top of the Pops” when people joked he wouldn’t, as a glass half full person he believes that having ups and downs is part of the journey, how he knew to follow his gift of being a drummer and what drives him in his love of contributing to songs, that quantum physics is so close to spirituality, and feeling grateful at being able to fully live out his raison d’etre.

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