Journal 52


Sydney (Day 2), 16/03/18

We’ve had a few support acts over the years and this is one of them.
Ladies and gentlemen, please let me introduce you to Little Johnny Sputnik from local beat combo, ‘Simply Shit.’ Abandoned as a child, Johnny was brought up in the outback by woodtinks. He was so ugly when he fell out of his mother’s pouch, the midwifes actually slapped her for dropping such an ugly baby into the world.

Growing up he discovered loud guitar music and he learned to play guitar the hard way, he broke into Bert Weedon’s house and made Bert teach him one song per day, mainly polkas and some Jimmy Shand shit. But look at him now, a small yet perfectly formed rock star in the making. Johnny, you rock and we salute you.

That is all.

P.S. Happy birthday, Eggo and huge thanks to Josh Shipton from Panic Syndrome.