Journal 25

Dunfermline, Fife.


Oi! Dorothy, close your eyes and tap your desert boots together three times.

Think to yourself, “There’s no place like the toon. There’s no place like the toon.”

Yes folks, here we are back in Dunfermline after living on a bus since June. What a social experiment that was. From the desert highway to the New York subway, 5 musicians, 3 road crew, 1 swag lady, 1 crazy driver plus 4 family. Thank God I got home with my sanity intact, well apart from falling asleep on the couch. Sandra tried to wake me and I told her she was a f*ckin’ weirdo and to get out of my bunk. Isn’t time travel wonderful? Tomorrow I will switch on the hoover and get Sarah and Jamie to shake my bed.

I would like to thank Jan, Sarah, Mickey V, Ray, Will, Jules, Wee Dylan, Medium Sized Dylan and young Evan, whose smile kept us all going every morning.

Also big thanks to all behind the scenes and LHS people.

Last but not least, North America and Canada, we love you and hope to come back next year for more shows.

A small city made of metal cometh.

That is all.