Journal 7


What does a bear do in the woods?
Bear S***

Myers Flat,Humboldt County (in the shade of the giant sequoias)

Does a bear shit in the woods? Yes he bloody does, and how do I know? Well I just stood in one. A big pile of shit that I’ll never forget. I’ve been in Big Country for 30 odd years so I know a lot about shit. Christ! I should have been a plumber, Hell! I know more about shit than Davy Broon and he knows a shitload about shit.

I’m sitting in a café in Red Crest, 34 miles south of Eureka in the Avenue of the Giants and I am looking for Big Foot. Unfortunately the only wildlife I can see at the moment is a road weary rock band and a couple of manky raccoons.

The Sequoia trees in front of me are indeed giants, 350 feet in height and over 2000 years old. These trees are so wide; tunnels have been carved in them so you can drive through them.

Jan and I hitched a ride on the back of a pickup truck to witness this marvellous site. Meanwhile back at the campsite Jamie and Mickey V are preparing their latest gastronomical experiment for the BBQ. Road kill Kebabs again

All in all a great day, I never did see Big Foot but I most definitely stood in his shit.

That is all.