Journal 2

(somewhere in Germany…..)

Woke up this morning and my dog was dead, someone had shot him right through the head. Thats a lie, I don’t have a dog, and I live on a tour bus, Why the heck would I have a dog on a tour bus? Where would it sleep? Don’t answer that, What a beautiful morning it is here in Mannheim. The sun is streaming through the windows and the musty smell of rotting stage clothes is wafting through the upstairs corridor. The febreeze is running out and we are getting desperate. Oh the horror!

Welcome back to the second installment of Watson’s Away Day. this is week number two and we are having a ball. Mark has now got his packing down to a fine art in preparation for the American tour. One flight bag containing passport, body wash and baby wipes. Apart from jacket, jeans and shoes all clothing is disposable. It’s a flawless plan and the customs man doesn’t have to get intimate with him.

Today we got pulled by the cops on the autobahn. They did a random check of the bus and decided that the brakes on the trailer were faulty, they weren’t but Dirk got fined 600 euros and we had to wait 2 hours for the bus company to deliver a new trailer.

Jamie is getting used the the pedal situation now and only swore at it twice.
I discovered a really rare 1983 Gibson Spirit guitar today and bought it. It’s a cracking guitar and hopefully Mark my guitar tech will have it set up for the next show.

Both Derek and I purchased pocket watches from an antique store. My timepiece cost 10 euros and a further 8 to get battery fitted whilst Derek’s is over 100 years old and cost 600. Needless to say one of them tells perfect time.

Mike’s nephew Will is now working for the band setting up Mark and Derek’s gear, he is a lovely lad but his diet leaves a lot to be desired. He is only 19 and his daily 5 a day consists off chicken nuggets and jammy dodgers.
This is OK at his age but if he continues like this into later life then I am afraid he may have to visit Doctor Proctor with the fleischwurst fingers.

That is all


Bruce Watson