Journal 9


Just outside Quanah, Texas

Houston, we have a problem.
Pedal Board

Well, it’s 104 degrees aboard Apollo 18 today. We are on a long journey from Aspen, Colorado to Houston, Texas and the heat in this tin can is unbearable. To make matters worse, we nearly got hit by a bloody crop duster just outside of Childress. It was so close that Ray, our new driver, discovered that farts have lumps. Both toilet and AC units have blown. The heat and smell is unbearable and we now resemble the cast of ‘Ain’t Half Hot Mum’ with Derek excelling in the role of Lofty. Because of these problems, our journey to Houston has been put in jeopardy. Our ETA is 20.00 hours and our onstage time is 23.00 hours. We may have to drive to Dallas and abandon the command module, rent a new smaller module and drive like the wind to make show time. This plan is doable as long as the supporting artists lend us their drum kit. Let’s hope they are not a Lawrence Welk tribute act.

That is all.